Oblix Restaurant, The Shard, London


Fasten Your Safety Belts!

The Oblix in The Shard Tower is an eclectic mix – buzzing, full of energy, theatre and noise! When you arrive at the Shard, you take an elevator which goes near to the top of the tower so this is not for people who are uncomfortable staying in lifts for a long time – your ears will pop as you reach the top.

As soon as the doors open, the setting is dark and mysterious with music punching the atmosphere. Meet & Greet staff are friendly & efficient so we were quickly shown to our table whilst passing the many Chef’s working behind the glass panels and the numerous Produce displays – wonderful theatre bringing you closer to everything.

Food served is modern contemporary and there is a good drinks menu and some very naughty desserts which you may try to avoid but then you see the table next door enjoying them and you simply have to give them a try! The views, especially in the evening, are hypnotising and it is impossible not to stare out and watch the world pass by. This is great in the evenings for groups as it can be a little noisy but for a more intimate experience, come at lunch if you want to be heard! Good fun though.

All things considered, the bill was not bad for the experience and we left having enjoyed it all without complaint. There is also a great bar next door for pre or after dinner drinks.

To watch Oblix Chef’s doing their magic: Oblix Chefs

Visited numerous times since March 2015

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