The Sidecar Bar @ The Westbury Hotel, Dublin, Ireland


Best all-round fine bar experience in Dublin

The Sidecar Bar @ The Westbury is the perfect place to meet for a pre-dinner or pre-theatre drink or late afternoon/early evening drink. With a very stylish, 1930’s style fit out, comfortable seating and a great atmosphere complimented by friendly bartenders dressed in classic white jackets for that touch of class.

Sit at the bar and watch the master cocktail makers create something special for you or sit by the fire and soak in the jazz music or sit at the balcony and watch the world pass you by.

The bar staff are all very knowledgeable and friendly. There is even a mobile Martini bar which will come to your table and create a custom drink for you. And there are lots and lots of Champagne bottles on ice for you to enjoy.

A broad food menu and light nibbles will fend off hunger. Your only problem may be that you won’t want to leave because once you are comfortable in this superlative venue, getting up is hard to do! Highly recommended even if you are not resident in the hotel.

Note to tourists: This is not a “Traditional Irish Bar or Pub”. If you want a taste of traditional Irish pubs, there are plenty of choices in the city. Come here if you want something classy, elegant and refined. A great place to start a romantic evening or to impress!

Visited numerous times recently in 2017

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