At NotTheUsual, we want to show you places that we have found to consistently do what they are supposed to do – make you the customer happy and wanting to return.

There are many sites out there dedicated to criticising and highlighting shortcomings, disasters and what’s gone wrong in service businesses be they hotels, bars or restaurants.

But we prefer instead to focus on the positive…on those doing things right. After all is that not the point of a holiday or a meal out? To come away feeling good? Delivering that takes time, effort and usually, a heart behind the scenes making sure everything runs as it should.

So at NotTheUsual we highlight only those that are continually doing a great job so when it comes to your turn to visit, you will have a great time too. It’s not a guarantee, but nine times out of ten, the places here will deliver.

Enjoy the happy times!

Note: The view expressed here are solely of the editor. All venues featured have been personally visited entirely at our own cost and without the prior knowledge of the owners or management of the establishment being reviewed.